Crickets Are Food!?

Evolution Ranch is a new small business in Mount Shasta and we’re all about crickets as food for humans! Yes, I do mean crickets the insects…and yes, I do mean for human consumption.



/noun/ ; the practice of eating insects, especially by humans.

We humans have actually been eating insects for their nutritional value since time immemorial, not to mention that even today 2.5 billion people across the globe eat insects as part of their regular diet every day. We in the western countries just haven’t realized the benefits of insects as a protein source yet.

Upon learning about the amount of resources required in traditional animal agriculture a simple equation emerged; The human population is increasing exponentially and so is our need for protein but the resources to produce that protein are limited. My wife and I became inspired by this and began looking for an alternative, more sustainable protein source.

Here’s a few things we learned: It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef…and 2 gallons of water to produce one pound of cricket powder (which is 30 servings). Also crickets produce 1000’s of times less greenhouse gases to make 1 pound of protein and use a tiny fraction of the arable land needed for traditional livestock production. In addition, crickets have a feed conversion ratio that is more than 5 times as efficient as beef. (the feed conversion ratio is how many pounds of feed it takes to produce 1 lb of protein, case you were wondering.)

This is where entomophagy entered our lives. For us the environmental benefits are primary but it turns out that crickets have an impressive nutrition profile as well.

One serving of cricket powder (2 Tbs) has:

~10.5 grams of complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids)

~570% of your daily B-12 requirement

~450 mg prebiotic fiber

~as much Omega Fats as salmon

~plus calcium and iron

At Evolution Ranch we have a delicious variety of Organically flavored whole dry roasted crickets ready to munch right ‘outta the bag, we call these CrickEATS!. We also have cricket powder, a versatile ingredient that turns almost anything into a superfood.

With it’s low environmental cost and high nutritional value it becomes clear that crickets are the “micro-livestock” of a more sustainable future.

Join the entomophagy movement and let Evolution Ranch be your source for high quality cricket products. Give us a call and let’s talk crickets or, if you’re in town, schedule a free tasting.

Simon Seeband

Founder: Evolution Ranch

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