CrickEATS! 5 bag sample pack


Here we have a sample pack of all 5 flavors of Evolution Ranch CrickEATS! Whether you crave the heat and sweet of our Beyond Buffalo Wings, the complexity of a Pesto Party or the lime tang of our Chirp-otle Lime it’s all here in this sample pack. For those who prefer a milder flavor the Simply Salty and Naked CrickEATS! are in this sample pack too. And you save 5 bucks compared to purchasing each bag seperately.

CrickEATS! are great to much on right outta the bag, but also great on salad like crutons or throw a handful on your favorite soup. If you’re the outdoorsy type mix a bag in with your favorite trail mix for a nutrition boost on your next hike and feel good about eating a highly sustainable cricket powered superfood!



These bags vary between 39-45 grams of protein and are 2.5 oz each which is three servings. All our spices are organic.

One serving has:

~13-15 grams complete protein

~750-900% RDA Vitamin B-12 !

~590-700 mg prebiotic fiber

~Omega Fats

~Plus Calcium, Iron, Potassium

~Dramatically less carbon footprint

and natural resource use than

traditional protein sources

~Paleo and Ketogenic friendly

~soy, wheat, dairy free (Beyond Buffalo Wings

flavor contains soy and wheat ingredients)

Evolution Ranch CrickEATS! are made from crickets that were well treated and raised on a chemical free diet of grain and vegetables. These crickets meet USFDA standards and were farmed under “Good Manufacturing Practice” and “Good Agricultural Practice” certifications.

Allergy Warning: Crickets are a potential crustacean/shellfish allergen


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